The Ice n Heat Complete Adjustable Body Wrap contains temperature-sensitive gel that can be quickly heated in a microwave or chilled in a refrigerator or freezer. It can be applied to the area of treatment including shoulders, hands, feet, legs, ankles, wrists, backs and other common locations for aches and pains. With proper care, the compress can be used indefitely.

The Ice n Heat Complete Adjustable Body Wrap comes with a specially designed wrap that can be applied to dierent parts of the body. The wrap can be fastened will remain in place until removed. The belt can be used as an extension belt or compression belt. Perfect for application to achy joints, arms, legs and back.

Ice n Heat Complete - Wrap, Compression Belt

SKU: BW120
Colors: Purple
  • Adjustable Wrap to KeepCompress in Place

    ● Allows Better Mobility

    ● Elastic Wrap for Support

    and Compression

    ● Gel Pack Adjusts for Better

    Transmission and Comfort

    ● Reusable Indefinitely

    ● Multiple Body Areas of Use