Moist Heat Back Wrap

Moist Heat Wraps & Pads use revolutionary moisture-retaining microbeadsthat are activated by heating in a microwave. Moist heat penetrates more quickly than dry heat to treat aches and pains. Moist Heat products do not require wires, batteries or added water. With proper care, they can be used indenitely. Microbeads gather moisture from the air and release it as moist heat when activated by microwave heating, therefore the product has anendless supply of moisture.

The Moist Heat Neck Wrap is speically contoured to wrap around the neck providing soothing moist heat treatment to tired shoulders and neck muscles.

Moist Heat Back Wrap

SKU: BW1570
  • Microwave in less than 2 minutes

    ● Reusable without water or batteries

    ● Penetrates tissues faster and more deeply than other heating pads/wraps

    ● Bacteria resistant

    ● Versatile products designed to ergonomically fit different body parts

    ● No cover needed. Direct to skin application